Building a Stronger Film Industry: Supporting Women in Film through Networking Events and Sponsorship

March 8, 2023
Tema introduces INOVATIV

“My goal is that we have the most educated, best trained people on the planet.”

– Tema Staig, Women in Media Founder/Director


INOVATIV recently sponsored a learning and networking event for Women in Media‘s “Level Up Pathway to Camera Union Membership” program. Women in Media is a non-profit organization started by Tema Staig in an effort to better support and promote women and gender non-conforming folks working in the entertainment industry. This particular event focused on Utility and Loader crew positions and was designed to provide a pathway towards membership in the Local 600 camera union. The two-day event was also hosted in partnership with BECiNE, a boutique woman-owned camera rental house specializing primarily in optics.


A set of four images which depict various people interacting with production gear. In one image, a man is shown demonstrating the functions of an INOVATIV Deploy. In another, two women discuss power management. In one, a group of event attendees are sitting; listing intently to the presenter.
INOVATIV Sales Team member Andrew Duggan leads training on various workstations.


“We are so excited to partner with INOVATIV. We make sure our members understand that your vendors are your support…helping you put your best foot forward.”


Over 90 participants received a hands-on technical skills class as well as in-depth information on how to best leverage their skills for success. We were honored to provide INOVATIV workstations for this training program, knowing the value of having premium equipment to learn on. We believe that getting hands-on experience with high-quality gear is crucial to mastering the craft. That’s why we were proud to provide workstations that participants will likely be using on set, giving them the opportunity to become familiar with the same premium equipment they’ll encounter in their professional careers.


A woman uses a wireless controller to adjust the lens of a cinema camera. She's reviewing the live feed on a monitor in front of her. The monitor is one of two that are mounted to an INOVATIV Deploy.
An attendee gains hands-on experience with gear provided by INOVATIV and BECiNE.


“The more women and gender non-conforming folks we have working on the crew, the happier and healthier I believe our industry is going to be.”


At INOVATIV, we believe in the power of community and the importance of promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. By sponsoring this event, we were able to reinforce these values and lead by example. We’re committed to making significant and lasting changes within the industry towards a more equitable and inclusive workplace, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of events like this one that help us get there.


A female attendee sits in a director's chair that displays the Women in Media logo. The logo features alternative branding which includes the the Progress Pride flag colors.
In 2017, Women in Media transitioned from an informal networking group to a fully-fledged 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, enabling them to expand their mission and services. This included the creation of additional networking events, educational opportunities, and initiatives to support women in the media industry.


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