Difference Between

Voyager EVO & NXT

One of the top questions asked is, “What’s the difference between VOYAGER NXT and VOYAGER EVO?”

Voyager EVO versus Voyager NXT

At the beginning of the year, INOVATIV released two new workstation carts. The Voyager NXT and Voyager EVO. These two carts are the upgraded successors of Scout NXT and Scout EVO which have been discontinued.  

Scout cart models were around for a long time and were super popular. However, INOVATIV, as the name suggests, is always looking for ways to innovate and improve products. After listening to consumers needs and wants, it made sense to create a completely new workstation with all of the improvements. 

Key Features of both VOYAGER EVO & NXT

VOYAGER carts are travel friendly workstations and have many key features like:

  • Multiple accessory mounting locations
  • Durable, scratch resistant composite corners
  • Skate wheels for easy hauling in case-mode
  • Dovetail quick-release wheel system for efficient setup and breakdown
  • Handhold cutouts for ease of transportation
  • Powerful and reliable foot breaks
Voyager NXT

Voyager EVO

Voyager EVO cart

Voyager EVO models are the creme de la creme and are the premium version of the two cart models. EVO models are available in 3 different sizes (30,36,42) with a weight capacity between 400lbs and 600lbs. 

Aluminum casters dub this cart the lighter version of the two models available. For an easier breakdown of the workstation cart, it comes with rubberized stanchion tube release collars. Let’s just say that once you go with this tube release system, you never look back. 

Whether you enjoy standing or sitting when working, Voyager EVO will adjust to your needs. It comes with an adjustable 10” height top shelf called the SLAS system.  


For lovers of accessorizing your workstation carts, this model gives you that freedom with four threaded rail plates aka “cheese plates.”

If you are the kind of individual that likes top of the line products, then this is the perfect option for you. If you are reading these features and thinking you want something more basic, then read about Voyager NXT features as it might be the better fit for you. 

Voyager NXT

Voyager NXT cart

Voyager NXT model is considered the basic model of the two workstation carts. It is heavier than the EVO because of its steel casters. There are only two sizes (36 & 42) available and have a weight capacity of 600lbs. 

Unlike the Voyager EVO, Voyager NXT models come with a standard-fixed height shelf. If you do not need to adjust the top shelf for sitting or standing purposes then, this may be the model for you.

Voyager NXT workstation cart owners do have the option to add upgraded features like the adjustable shelf, but what’s the point? If you are looking at the NXT model but want the EVO feature add-ons, then you know the answer…go with the Voyager EVO workstation cart.

Voyager cart comparison

Detailed breakdown of Voyager carts

Example of Voyager EVO cart in action

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