INOVATOR Spotlight

Meet Kyle Makrauer

DigiTech and Photographer

DigiSystem Feature

Flavor Savior Digital

Instagram: @theflavorsavior

Kyle is based out of Brooklyn, New York. He’s a freelance digital technician for commercial photographers. His work has come up a lot on our social newsfeeds.

His work is highly concentrated for advertising campaigns. We wanted to get a peak at his work-life world.

We often see Kyle posting photos of hot sauces. It turns out that he brings a Pelican Case of 6 assorted hot sauces to shoots in order to combat potential catering issues. He has a different set for each day of the week!

Most Memorable Work Moment

“My most memorable job was recent, it was the Neiman Marcus Holiday Campaign and Catalog with Photographer Daniel Clavero. The DigiSystem really made my job so much easier.”

Kyle’s Must Have INOVATIV Gear

“I own a Scout 37 cart with a Sidewinder Monitor Mount, a DigiPlate Pro, and Digishade Pro.

The Scout 37 cart is an amazingly easy cart to use and assemble. The quick setup allows me to load into studios and locations in one trip. Also as someone who lives in a New York apartment, it’s easy for me to store the unit in a non obtrusive way.

As for the DigiPlate Pro, I like the ability to secure my laptop and hard drives without the risk of them taking a spill while moving the cart in studio. 

When on location with the DigiPlate Pro and DigiShade, I love that I can sling the station over my shoulder and walk with it without the risk of my laptop, hard drives, and location battery coming loose and crashing to the ground. 

I remember using a product from another company as a location system and the lack of security of my expensive electronics was worrisome. The INOVATIV system was definitely worth the investment.” 

Favorite DigiSystem Features

“I love that the sky’s the limit with the customization options for the DigiSystem. I can tailor the setup based on what the shooting environment will be like as well as the photographers and clients demands.

I like that I can mount a battery and hard drives to the bottom of the plate, as well as utilizing the built in cable management system. 

As I mentioned before, one of my favorite features is that ability to secure the laptop to the plate without worry that it will fall.”

Improved Workflow

“The DigiSystem has changed my workflow best in that I can easily use the DigiPlate Pro on my cart as well as on a tripod. 

Some jobs require being in studio and on location, so the seamless transition from studio to location setup is a big time saver when I have to shift directions quickly.”

Life Before DigiSystems

“I used to use a Seaport Computer Case, which has now been repurposed as a storage unit. I was on a job in upstate New York where we were hiking trails that had some rough terrain.

Due to the lack of gear security and having to keep the station upright, I was unable to navigate difficult terrain and had constant fear that my electronics were going to fall out and break. 

I found myself wishing that I had a DigiPlate Pro and the investment into the system was made shortly after.”

Advice For Professionals In Advertising

“Having this system shows your clients that you are serious about what you are doing; and that you care about having equipment that will stand the test of time.”