Happy International Left Handers Day

For International LeftHanders Day we reached out to left handed INOVATIV users. We wanted to learn more on how they use our workstations and customize it to their comfort and needs. 

This feature is an inspiration of different workstation setups for all of you left handers out there.

Meet Meghan Commons! She’s a first AC based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Filmmaking is in her blood; Meghan calls herself a “set brat” because her father is a director of photography and her mom was a producer turned writer. 

Meghan Commons

Left handed fact about Meghan: She’s a third generation lefty! Her mother is a lefty and her mother’s mother is also a lefty! So, she’s really proud to be a lefty.

Here’s a bit more on Meghan in her own words: 

“It’s hard to pin down just one memorable piece of work I did, as I’m really lucky to have worked on a lot of very different projects, but the one I’m particularly proud of is that I got to be one of the ACs on Netflix’s Last Chance U, that was a really fun experience.

I’m freelance, and I get to work with a lot of really incredible people, but I’m really fortunate that I get to work with my husband, who is also a talented cinematographer.” 

INOVATIV Apollo cartINOVATIV Apollo cart

About Meghan’s Workstation:

INOVATIV Apollo cart

  • I have an Apollo cart that I named Herby, because it’s fully loaded. 
  • I love the flip down edge of the Apollo cart, it makes it so easy to reach everything comfortably while I build a camera.
  • I drive a small SUV, so my cart fits in great, I just take off the wheels but can leave it built otherwise.
  • I have two small monitors built into cages that have a way to stick to the cart but aren’t permanently attached. 
  • I love my two-stage corner mast riser! It comes in handy when I need a spot for my focus monitor or for moving a steady cams and gimbals around! 

Advice from one Lefty to another: “To my lefty’s out there, don’t be afraid to use your tools and set ups differently! Live weird! It doesn’t have to just be a right handed world! Ha!”

Website: Meghancommons.com
Instagram: @meghphoenix 

Meet James Ramsay! He’s based out of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Sidenote: He has some of the most entertaining responses to our posts on Instagram. 

James Ramsey
James has been in the cinematography/photography world for 5 years. He’s 100% self taught, mostly from YouTube videos (that’s pretty amazing). When it comes to cinematography, his biggest inspiration is Mark Toia. Before James became a cinematographer/photographer, he was a pro hockey enforcer. 

Here’s more about James in his own words:

“To date my two most memorable shoots have been a 2 week luxury adventure trip in Africa for ROAM adventures and a McLaren car shoot in Vegas with my good buddy @distinctvisuals

I’d describe my setup as my home on wheels. It’s a very functional and practical setup with room to grow as my company grows.” 


James Voyager Workstation Details: 

  • The new x-top which allows me to work on my laptop or on my camera a lot more comfortably. 
  • The 10 inch upgraded wheels are beasts. I feel like I can take my cart off roading and it could handle it like a champ (although up here in Canada we may need Inovativ to make some ski’s for the cart for the harsh winters. 
  • If I transport my workstation it is primarily in the travel case and in the trunk of my car. 
  • The Ready Rig rod is a life saver. It creates so much room by keeping the rig out of the practical areas of the cart yet it makes the rig extremely accessible and easy to offload.

Advice from one lefty to another: “Put your cup holder on the left side of the cart.” 

I just got my Inovativ cart in the last couple of weeks, but have often used them in the past. I’m really happy to be a part of the Inovativ family as it really is one of the most important parts of my load out. 

Website: www.skytography.ca
Instagram: @skyphotography.ca

Meet Mikon Haaksman! Born in the Netherlands, his fluency in Dutch pays off, but is currently based out of Dallas, Texas. 
Mikon has been in the production industry for over 25 years. So he definitely knows a thing or two about the industry!

INOVATIV Scout cart

He started out in LA and is currently working as a freelance DP and Aerial DP. 
You may have seen some of his most memorable work that he’s done for National Geographic. 

Scout Cart On Location

Mikons Workstation details:

Scout Cart

  • I have my cart configured to either haul my gear to location, or set up for shooting. I often have to switch from drone to handheld camera very quickly and the Scout 42 helps me do that.
  • I like the rugged build and how smoothly it travels over all sorts of terrain. I recently went on a shoot in Mexico and the cart folded down nicely, was built up on location, and helped me get around quickly.
  • I usually keep my cart built in my production van, but on some occasions I break it down for flying.
  • I sometimes install a client monitor on the mast riser.  It’s great to have it ready to roll and move as we change setups.
  • My favorite component of the cart is it’s simplicity. It just works. I must admit, the price originally made me think twice, but when I worked with one, I realized how much easier it would make my life on set.

Traveling Scout Cart

Advice from one lefty to another: “Funny enough, the main piece of advice I would give is to make sure that the bolt on the handles face the inside so they don’t rub on your hand.  Also, don’t let the other crew tell you that facing the horseshoe mount on the left is wrong. It helps me set up the camera much quicker!”

Website: www.haaksman.media
Social Media: @haaksmanmedia

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