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Voyager EVO X

5.00 out of 5

Starting at: $3,399.00

The Voyager EVO X is INOVATIV’s most agile and travel ready equipment cart. With the portability and slim profile of the Voyager EVO X, you can easily and quickly pack and transport the cart in the back of a compact car, small SUV or to simply save space.

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  • The Voyager EVO X is INOVATIV’s most agile and travel ready equipment cart. Manufactured using the very best lightweight premium materials, we are able to keep the overall weight of the Voyager EVO X to a minimum without sacrificing durability or stability. With the portability and slim profile of the Voyager EVO X, you can easily and quickly pack and transport the cart in the back of a compact car, small SUV or simply just save space.

    The Voyager EVO X utilizes INOVATIV's patented SLAS (Self-Locking Adjustable Shelving) system. The SLAS system is the backbone of all INOVATIV carts and enables the user to assemble and pack the cart effortlessly with its tool-free design. This system also incorporates INOVATIV's locking top shelf that is incrementally height adjustable up to 10 inches.

    To ensure the Voyager EVO X rolls with ease, it's equipped with INOVATIV's premium quick-release dovetail wheel system. Each wheel is easily attached or removed and is comprised of an all aluminum lightweight structure, high strength 100% sealed bearings, and  8 In. or 10 In.  pneumatic tires. The Voyager EVO X is equipped with 2 swivel or "smart" casters mounted with INOVATIV premium foot brake system and 2 fixed casters that can transform to a swivel configuration with the removal of a bolt.

  • Product Code: VEX 0030 | VEX 0036 | VEX 0042

    Payload Capacity:
    Voyager 30 EVO X: 400lb | Voyager 36 EVO X: 600lb | Voyager 42 EVO X: 600lb


    Voyager 30 EVO:
    Packed: 34 In. W x 21 In. L x 8.25 In. H
    Built: 34 In. W x 21 In. L x 40 In. H
    (Height Adjustable)

    Voyager 36 EVO:
    Packed: 25 In. W x 40 In. L x 8.25 In. H

    Built: 25 In. W x 40 In. L x 41 In. H
    (Height Adjustable)

    Voyager 42 EVO:
    Packed: 25 In. W x 46 In. L x 8.25 In. H

    Built: 25 In. W x 46 In. L x 40.9 In. H
    (Height Adjustable)

    Length Dimensions include Easy Roll Handle


    • INOVATIV’s most agile design. 
    • Ergonomic, height adjustable X-Top shelf designed for easy keyboard access.
    • Payload capacity of 600 lbs.
    • Tool-Free Design – Our patented system transforms the cart into a self contained rolling travel case only 8.5 In. thick. 
    • Removable 8 In. or 10 In. EVO Wheels feature an aluminum design, pneumatic wheels with 100% sealed bearings for a quiet and smooth ride.
    • Inovativ’s Premium Foot Brake System.
    • Expand your storage with optional top and bottom drawers.
    • Available Middle Shelf for added storage
    • Assembled by hand in the USA.
    • 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
    • 20% lighter than other carts currently serving the marketplace
    • Parts machined from 6061 T6 aluminum
    • INOVATIV’s patented SLAS system allows for 10″ of adjustable work height at 2″ increments
    • INOVATIV’s patented Dovetail Wheel System
    • Upright posts lock in place and will not loosen over time


    Comes Standard:

    • Keyboard Friendly X-Top Shelf (Voyager 30, 36, 42)
    • Removable X-Top Close Out
    • 4 In. Tall Bottom Shelf
    • 1 Set Quick Grips
    • 2 Accessory Crossbars
    • INOVATIV’s Premium Foot Brake System
    • Voyager 30: 8 In. Removable Wheels
    • Voyager 36: 10 In. Removable Wheels
    • Voyager 42: 10 In. Removable Wheels


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5.00 out of 5
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Amazing and essential bit of equipment while on set. We had monitors for the Camera Operator, DP and VFX Supervisor all on the same cart.
May 19, 2022
This cart immediately leveled up our shoots, allowing us to move our gear easily and quickly, improving the overall production experience for my team and our clients!
May 22, 2022
Chris Grubisa
The Voyager has greatly enhanced my way of working, entirely. It has enhanced my performance to day rate, rolling up looking the part. Clients love seeing their investment. - Since purchasing, I ALWAYS take them with me. My first Voyager was so good that I relied on it so much that I purchased a 2nd one as well! Both 42" in length. Screen mounting options, camera support, the ability to efficiently moving around locations, simple moves from parking to set - I never leave home without one while capturing. They are an essential part in our entire workflow. And break down toolless, in any car or truck.
May 23, 2022
Koon W. Ya-inta, SOC, ACO
The fact that this cart is fully collapsible, doesn’t mean it compromises its rigidity. I use this cart on a 16 week shows in Bangkok Thailand. It’s been thru real harsh environment and rough terrain. And it’s still staying strong. Couldn’t be any happier!
May 28, 2022
Richie Myers
I make a living standing at my cart, so having something I can dial in to accommodate any location or workflow is a must. My career is based on being flexible enough to work anywhere, anytime and efficiently. Traveling extensively, I needed a cart that was large enough for day to day, light enough to manage when packed up and robust enough to survive any climate. Having put this cart through its paces with all the elements possible, ive only had pleasant experiences. Adding the 10” wheels gives me the confidence to roll over stingers on set or roots on a trail. Ive literally pushed this through Acadia national park and on the Appalachian Trail with out even thinking twice. Being able to set up and tear down quickly is a must. Having started with the Scout eve, the voyager was a welcomed upgrade, the X-Top shelf with cable pass thoughts is brilliant, but the icing on the cake is the cheese plate built in. Having a large selection of places to mount things off the shelf means more real estate can be free’d up for other tasks. Adding a middle shelf to this has been a dream come true. I have OCD and hate having cluttered workspaces, so being able to put the non essential bits in the middle while retaining the bottom and a nice clean top makes my heart super happy. Currently I’m in the process of taking it to the next level by installing the insight monitor system. That will be the final piece to the ultimate location workstation and portability. Set up times will be cut down immensley and grants me the ability to have multiple monitors set up with out the need of additional bags of gear.
June 1, 2022

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Voyager EVO X

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Nothing has impacted or accelerated my abilities like the Voyager Workstation.

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