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RoboCup and Accessories

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Drinks are always welcome on set, but they don’t belong on top of your workstation, where they can spill and cause a huge mess. Give the client a convenient spot to put their drink. Find all RoboCup and Accessories available for purchase here.

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  • The Original RoboCup:

    The Robocup is a patented portable clamp-on dual Cup Holder that securely holds two drinks, cups, phone, tools, and more. It’s perfect for our INOVATIV carts. With no tools required, RoboCup clamps instantly to both round and flat surfaces up to nearly 2 In. in diameter. The bottom caps are removable for access to clean the RoboCup and for long objects including flashlights and tools. Backed by a 3 year limited warranty.

    The RoboCup Plus:

    Designed for large drinks up to 3.75"/95mm in diameter including cups, mugs, glasses, koozies, and tumblers.  Attach using the provided two straps and tighten snugly to secure. For a more permanent attachment, a plastic cable-tie can be used. The position can be swiveled around the original RoboCup for ideal placement. Tall 4"/101mm wall height holds drinks securely and the top rim has a wavy design allowing access for shorter drinks.

    The RoboCup Holster:

    Designed to contain everything else can clutter your workpace. The RoboCup Holster also securely attaches using two velcro straps. Make a space for pens, phones, keys, scissors, tools, and everything else that fits.

  • The Original RoboCup:

    • Instantly clamps to vertical surfaces up to 2in in diameter
    • Includes two hook & loop straps that can be positioned in various configurations
    • Springs and hardware are stainless steel for rust prevention
    • Robust design with a poly-resign material with UV-inhibitors added for durability
    • Three Year warranty


    The RoboCup Plus:

    • Attaches to RoboCup’s using provided straps
    • Includes two hook & loop straps
    • Robust design with a thick poly-resign material with UV-inhibitors added for durability and longevity.
    • Three year warranty


    The RoboCup Holster:

    • Attaches to RoboCup’s using provided straps
    • Includes two hook & loop straps
    • Robust design with a thick poly-resign material with UV-inhibitors added for durability and longevity.
    • Three year warranty


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