Mission Completed: All Time Record Voyager Carts Produced

This past Friday INOVATIV shipped out the largest order yet!

REDuser Group member Travis Wears posted about a group buy for INOVATIV Voyager carts earlier this year. The group had an option to purchase either the Voyager Evo or Voyager NXT workstation along with popular accessories like Voyagers redesigned travel case. The group offered an incentive, that the more people that bought a cart the steeper the discount would be. The users who took advantage of the group buy walked away with a 25% off discount, which helped a lot of people check it off of their Wish List to own their own INOVATIV cart.

Wears described Inovativ products as “truly a BIFL (Buy For Like) item.” He went on to remind the group, “don’t forget to list it as an asset when you’re drafting up your will, because if you want to pass your Voyager on to your kids, you’ll be able to. They’re that durable!”

The group buy was so successful that INOVATIV ended up beating its own record of the number of carts produced in one month. The best part is that everything was made at INOVATIV’s headquarters located in the good ole USA!

If you are one of the lucky users that purchased from the RedUser Group buy, don’t forget to register your gear and tag us in your posts. #beinovativ #inovativ