AXIS vDrop Receiver

Includes: 2 Convi Clamps


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INOVATIV’s new patent-pending AXIS vDrop Receiver allows you to attach AXIS components like the WorkSurface Pro, Case Platform, or Digi Platform to the AXIS Stand or anything that is up to 2″” in diameter. This easy-to-use solution gives you the freedom to create a modular workstation without breaking your back or struggling with setup. Why purchase an AXIS vDrop Receiver separately? If you work out of a van, truck, or if you often tear down your workstation just to set it up again, being able to mount a separate vDrop Receiver gives you the abiity to quickly dismantle your workstation and then have a place to quickly mount it, out of the way. It’s a great solution for trucks where you may need multiple workstations that can be easily removed and re-located.

The AXIS vDrop Receiver is an aluminum attachment system using a “”V”” shaped mechanism that allows you to attach AXIS components like the WorkSurface Pro, Case Platform, and Digi Platform to it with limited visibility. The vDrop Receiver is self-guiding and will catch the weight of the added component allowing a quick, tool-less attachment to the stand. You can then lock the component with the indexing pin to prevent the added component from disengaging. The AXIS v-Drop receiver is made of 6061 T6 aluminum and is finished with INOVATIV’s tripple anodize mil-spec process. The AXIS vDrop Receiver measures in at 6.0″” W x 6.0″” L x 6.5″” H and includes two Convi-Clamps in its assembly.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 in
Whats in the Box?

AXIS vDrop Assembly

Product Dimensions

.0" W x 6.0" L x 6.5" H


6061 T6 Aluminum, Stainless Steel Hardware, Black Anodized with INOVATIV's Triple Anodize 8625 Mil-Spec Process.