AXIS DigiStation


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If you own INOVATIV’s DigiCase Pro or the 1535 Pro Ultra Kit, you can combine it with the AXIS DigiStation for a more versatile and efficient workstation. The AXIS DigiStation comes with an AXIS Digi Platform that is an ideal setup for the DigiCase Pro or any flight case similar in size to a Pelican 1510 or 1535 Air Case. The Digi Platform has edges on all four sides to keep items placed on top, secure. The AXIS DigiStation is a great tool for those who primarily work out of cases. Your workflow will improve simply by working at a more comfortable height and with your equipment off the ground. If your work requires you to be on the road often or you are in need of more versatility with your current workstation, then the AXIS DigiStation is the companion that you’ve been searching for. The AXIS DigiStation gives the flexibility to recreate a smaller, rugged and more versatile workstation on the road. You can remove the accessory components from the AXIS Stand for traveling jobs, allowing you to travel with and then attach the accessory components onto a generic stand to make your work-life easier. As you know, every production has dozens of c-stands for you to use! So whether you are a DIT, Digital Tech, Photographer, on set colorist, or in the advertising industry and your work requires shooting full productions while on the road, this setup gives the flexibility to create a smaller, rugged, and more versatile workstation based on the industry’s most popular sized Pelican Cases. The AXIS Digi Station comes with the AXIS Stand and AXIS Wheel System, AXIS Trough, AXIS Weight Hanger and Weight Bag, AXIS Digi Platform, and the Pro Monitor Mount.

Additional information

Weight 160 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 20 in
Whats in the Box?

AXIS Stand, AXIS Wheels, AXIS Trough, AXIS Weight Hanger and AXIS Weight Bag, AXIS Digi Platform, and the Pro Monitor Mount.

Ideal For

Photographers, High-Volume Studios, Digital Technicians, DIT's, Industrial Manufacturer's and Distributors, Warehouse Distribution, Inventory Clerks, Medical Offices.


5052 and 6061 T6 Aluminum. Stainless Steel Hardware, Black Outdoor Marine Carpet, Powder Coated Black, Anodized with INOVATIV's Triple Anodize 8625 Mil-Spec Process.