AXIS Tie Down Anchors

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AXIS Tie Down Anchors provide you with a solid point to secure your cargo with S-hook straps or bungee cords to AXIS workstation components, Case Platform and DigiPlatform, to give you confidence in knowing your gear is secure during transition of your workstation from one area to the next.


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The Tie Down Anchors come in a set of four attachments. They can be attached to the Case Platform and DigiPlatform to provide extra security when moving your AXIS Workstation from one spot to the next. Tie Down Anchors work well with S hook logistic straps, bungee cords, and general ratchet strap hooks. Each piece comes pre-drilled, with mounting hardware, to allow for an easy bolt-on installation – that means you don’t have to weld. 
*The strap hooks are not included with this accessory.