WorkSurface Pro

The WorkSurface Pro is a one-of-a-kind workstation equipped with our patent-pending vDrop System that allows you to mount this workstation onto any stand that is up to 2″ in diameter, giving you the freedom to be creative just about anywhere. With features like the capability of being able to rotate your workstation 360 degrees around the stand to give flexibility of your setup, a pass-through cable management hole for a clean workspace, handles and height adjustability; makes it a must have accessory.

Starting At: $680.00



The WorkSurface Pro is a one-of-a-kind workstation. Coupled with our unique vDrop System, the WorkSurface Pro can be mounted to anything that is up to 2″ in diameter and is both height adjustable and able to rotate 360 degrees around the stand. When mounted to the stand in its lowest position the the WorkSurface Pro is attached at a desk height, it can go as low as 34″ and as high as 43″ which is equivalent to a standing desk height. 

The top surface of the WorkSurface Pro has three edges with no edge on the working side in an effort to provide a flat surface for computer keyboard and mouse accessibility. There are handles on both sides of the WorkSurface Pro so that you can carry, or relocate the WorkSurface Pro with ease. Lastly the top is finished with our black, durable outdoor marine carpet and a pass-through cable management hole to keep a cleaner organized work surface.