Twin Two-Stage Risers with 2 Pro Monitor Mounts

With seamless integration, the Two-Stage Risers and Pro Monitor Mounts allow you to set up your mobile Deploy or Apollo Workstation efficiently, allowing for easy setup and breakdown of your monitors. 


This kit includes dual Two-Stage Risers and two Pro Monitor Mounts. The Two-Stage Risers seamlessly integrate into the receiver tubes located on the back side of the cart. Two Stage Risers have an anodized orange aluminum coupler and the risers themselves are powder-coated black. The length of Stage Risers are 50” when fully extended. 

INOVATIV’s new Pro Monitor Mount connects easily to industry standard ⅝” Baby Pin. It’s compact, light-weight design makes it easy to pack for travel and take it where you need it most. 

The Pro Monitor Mounts are equipped with our standard 100×100 VESA Plate which fits on most monitors and gives the ability to freely rotate the monitor or easily lock in a vertical position. Additionally, the Pro Monitor Mount has an internal rosette design that keeps your monitor locked in its tilted position. 

For heavier monitors, the rosette design will keep your monitor in place even when rolling the workstation on a bumpy road. A unique feature of the Pro Monitor Arm is a ⅜”-16 threaded hole located on top of the Pro Monitor Mount providing an additional position to mount an extra threaded Baby Pin.