Chris Ray

Chris Ray is a skateboarding film maker, currently working for DC Shoes, Flying Strangers, and GoPro. Follow him online at and on Instagram at @chrisrayfilms.

Tell us about yourself, background and projects you are usually booked for?

I’m 35 years old, and I’m a filmmaker for DC shoes. I started filming skateboarding when I was in 6th grade and have been doing it professionally now for 12 years. Over the last few years, I’ve branched off into filming all types of projects like commercials, music videos, NFL, docs, really anything and everything. I’ve been really fortunate to be involved with some amazing projects.

How would you describe your cart setup?

I’ve got the Voyager EVO and it is game changing. It’s one of those items that once you get – you can’t see yourself not having on every shoot. It’s made my work process way easier.

Can you tell us about some details and components of your cart? (e.g. Size, Wheels, Foldable, etc.)

I’m running the 42inch version with a ton of the add ons such as the ball mount with camera mount system, Baby pin adapter, Robo Cups, cross bars, and the 1.75” Diameter Aluminum mast. I’ve got the 10” Premium EVO wheels which have been absolutely impressive. My gear feels very safe while pushing it around and everything is on the cart.

How do you transport your workstation?

I usually break everything down, but leave the wheels installed and load it up in the back of my Toyota Tacoma. The wheel brakes are strong enough to where it doesn’t move around in the back while I’m driving.

How many monitors do you have installed?

I’ve usually have (2) monitors installed. I’ve have a 17” Small HD 1703 attatched to the 1.75” pole so the client has eyes on the image. I’ll also attach a SmallHD 703 bolt on the baby pin adapter for the Director and focus puller.

What video and computer gear do you use?

I’m usually running a MacBook Pro while on set so I can dump cards and do onsite DIT work when needed. Everything is packed and mounted into the Digisystem 1535 Pro Lite Ultra kit. It’s amazing to have everything secured and travel safe.

How do you handle power supply on set?

For power I’ll run extension cords to my Digisystem, but I also own Honda generators I’ll use if we’re at a location with no power options. I’ve been wanting to look into the Tether Tools V-Mount as another power option.

What are some accessories and special features you have on your workstation?

All my accessories on the EVO and Digisystem help my work station to be a complete full kit that’s ready for any situation. Being able to stay organized helps my work flow rather I’m camera prepping or doing DIT.

What is your favorite component of your workstation and why?

I’d say my favorite component is that everything on my station is customizable for different situations. I shoot so many different types of projects and I’m able to change up my work station to work with my shoot.

What was the latest addition to your workstation?

This whole kit is actually very new to me. I didn’t own a cart until a few months ago and I really can’t see myself ever not having one, especially an Inovativ station. Nobody else is creating products on the same level right now.

What item are you planning or wanting to add to your workstation in the future?

I’d love to eventually get a Tripod system holder and monitor arm system for the 17” Small HD.

Tell us a story of when your workstation got you through a particularly challenging situation.

Just being able to have my gear together while on set has helped a ton. They’re so many times I’ve had to move all my camera gear because we’ve changed scenes and now our stuff is in the background. Having a solid cart that keeps everything organized has allowed me to move it quickly. I’ve also been blown away by the Digisystem. When it comes to DIT, it’s important you stay organized and my kit helps with that. I love how I can mount a drive to the digiplate and it’s secured with my laptop on top and I can move it around easily if needed or even toss it onto a C-Stand.