Rob Ruscher

Rob Ruscher is a Cinematographer, Camera Operator, MōVI Tech and MōVI Operator. His favorite part of this career is traveling all over the country and meeting new people. These interactions turn into stories which then turn into inspiration.

Follow him online at robruscher.cominstagram.

Tell us about yourself, background and projects you are usually booked for?

I am a cinematographer and MoVI operator. I started as a PA for a corporate production company and shot weddings on the weekends. I soon found myself filming small commercials for local businesses and then became a freelancer. In recent years I have had a focus on branded content that has a bit of quirkiness and fun to it. I look for projects that have a lot of energy and camera movement in them.

INOVATIV cart workstation

How would you describe your cart setup?

My cart setup is my home base. My mobile workstation. Everything has a specific place, especially tools, and it goes with me on every job. When can see my OCD tendencies when looking at my cart.

Can you tell us about some details and components of your cart? (e.g. Size, Wheels, Foldable, etc.)

I have the Scout 37. I added on a mast for my gimbal or monitor, a second mast for camera plate and tripod and 2 Robo Cups.

INOVATIV workstation

How do you transport your workstation?

The reason I bought an INOVATIV cart is because how fast and easy it travels with me. Whether it is flying cross country or driving regionally, this cart goes with me. I have a minivan and what is amazing is that I can put the cart fully built in the back. I have a simple ramp that I wheel the cart in. When we rent an SUV, it easily folds up and fits in the back.

How many monitors do you have installed?

I don’t have a permanent spot for monitors on my cart. If I am not working with a gimbal, the mast is then used for my AC’s monitor (usually a SmallHD or other 7” monitor) or a Flanders CM170 monitor for myself and director.

What video and computer gear do you use?

Don’t work too much in post but I have a Mac Book Pro 15” laptop and custom built PC. For video gear I am always looking to utilize new equipment. However there are a few items I use on almost every job. Teradek Bolt, SmallHD503, Bright Tangerine Mattebox, Freefly MoVI Pro, and a case of filters.

How do you handle power supply on set?

Most of the time we find a place with power, run a stinger to my cart and have a surge protector on there. Often the batteries are charging elsewhere and the cart stays close to where we are working.

What are some accessories and special features you have on your workstation?

Robo cup is an amazing thing to have. I hate having drinks on the cart shelf or trying to find a place on the ground. I also like to start the day with water and coffee so the dual cup holders are perfect. My bluetooth speaker is great to have. Sets a lighter tone as we setup and is fun to listen to when wrapping. When working with gimbals, my camera plate is set to handle the MoVI controller and camera off the gimbal via quick release plates. I also have a bluetooth speaker and phone charging station. This makes it easy to take off and carry if we need to leave the cart behind.

What is your favorite component of your workstation and why?

My favorite component is the weight. I fly for most of my work so having the ability to take my cart with me is great. An added bonus is how much easier it is to get all my cases in and out of airports since I have the cart.

What was the latest addition to your workstation?

The great thing about these INOVATIV carts is you don’t need a lot to make it the best tool you have. Once I got my cart and the accessories listed above, I didn’t need much else to make it amazing.

INOVATIV Red Camera digisystem setup

What item are you planning or wanting to add to your workstation in the future?

I am looking to sell my Scout 37 and upgrade to the Apollo cart. They made some amazing upgrades that I would love to have.

Tell us a story of when your workstation got you through a particularly challenging situation.

Higher Ed (college) spots are a lot of fun to work on. However, over the course of 1-3 days you are hustling all over campus to get interviews, broll, classrooms, etc. Not to mention the last minute adds. When I DPd a spot for Saint Francis University this was nothing different. I don’t think we would have gotten what we needed without this cart. The ability to fit all the gear and roll to each location was key. No problems fitting in elevators or maneuvering around the handicap ramps. It also gave us a workstation and backup station wherever we went. If we were in one location for longer than an hour, we’d turn it into the charging and backup station.